The word twmpath is a Welsh word meaning a hump, traditionally applied to a mound on a village green where musicians congregated to entertain the community.

Studio Cybi is located on the northern tip of Wales on an island off an island; the surrounding landscape is mostly rural with stains of post-industry left over after the great dismantling of the North. Neighbouring our island is a mountain range called Eryri, which locals translate to ‘place of the eagles’. During the early 90’s huge gatherings were held at Eryri, these raves were sited on the rims of colossal manmade holes quarried by our ancestors.

For a brief moment these gatherings pointed towards possible solutions of utilising the industrial scars to rebuild communities that never recovered from neoliberalism.

The heavenly warmth of the electronic sounds stripped egos and brought a new community together under a dome of stars. As we listen to this music now we find ourselves looking once more to the past, to the Neolithic stones, and to the industrial leftovers that remind us of communities long gone.

We need to dismantle the art world; the only way forward is to move from art functioning as commodity. Art doesn’t live in vaults and dead walls as a money-laundering parasite.

Studio Cybi proposes that a rebalancing is long overdue, we recognise that the ‘art world’ serves little value to the provinces. We feel that most state funded institutions serve only to entertain a small minority, those institutions that gained their wealth from exploitation should be liquidated, and that funding be distributed fairly to the communities left behind to do with it what they want, perhaps a bingo hall built in the repossessed halls of Penrhyn Castle.

Twmpath – in collaboration with MOSTYN, Montez Press Radio, New York City.

August 30 2020 6pm UK time

and now can listen here

Track list:

Joey Beltram, ‘Energy Flash’ 1990

Virus, ‘Sun’ (Jam el Mar mix) 1995

The House Crew, ‘Euphoria’ (Nino’s Dream Remix) 2009

Tom and Jerry, ‘We Can Be Free’, 1992

Sound of waves, Traeth Borth Wen, 2020

Dreamatic , ‘Audio Trip’, 1991

‘Lle bu Lleu’, Gan Janet D. Roberts, 1976, read by Iwan Lewis 2020

Emmanuel Top, ‘Acid Phase’, 1995

Josh Wink, ‘Don’t Laugh’, 1995

Seal recording, 2018

‘Fantômas takes Sutton’, Isabel Waidner, 2016, read by Rebecca Gould 2020

Emmanuel Top, ‘Fusion with Könnyeid’, 1995

Dj Randy, ‘Deception’, 2013

Essential Mix, Seb Fontaine, Live at Creamfields 1999

Seal recording, 2018

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, ‘Drowning In Her’, 1993

The Upsetters, ‘Outer Space’, 1970