Following on from Studio Cybi’s audio commission Twmpath for Montez Press Radio, New York, we developed a video with audio work, O UN TWLL I’R LLALL, filmed in Dorothea Quarry and around Ynys Môn.

We’re exploring the utility of a man-made hole; how it swallowed a community and spat them out, how it exploits, becomes misused, then is abandoned. The film isn’t setting out to document a linear history of a place or tell a story, it is an attempt to pack up a wound with a cacophony of sound and images; a means of understanding the self and how external forces interfere with the individual’s agency.

We’re thinking about how class is forced onto people, how some are defined by their exploitation and how the stains leave a trace for generations. We’re examining ideas of ownership, labour and poverty via the history of the land as communal sites of degradation and then in the 90’s becoming communal transcendental sites for raves.

Supported by The Wales Venice 10 Artes Mundi commission 2023