Das Reh, Aidan O’Sullivan, 2020
Painter’s Painter, Aidan O’Sullivan, 2020
Quantom Cat, Aidan O’Sullivan, 2020
Tree Vision, Aidan O’Sullivan, 2020
Upside Down, Back to Front, Aidan O’Sullivan, 2020

O’Sullivan attempts to make objects and pictures in a way that allows the latent meaningfulness or truthfulness of his unconscious to come out. By creating space for intuition, spontaneity, playfulness, and chaos within his object and picture making practice, he hopes to overcome the restrictions and prejudices of the ego.

Mazes, infrastructures, landscapes, as well as concepts of waves, time, and personal identity figure in O’Sullivan’s work both as subject and as the creative, expressive process. Paint layers are added and removed repeatedly, often over many years, until time and agency become difficult to distinguish in the complex, mottled mesh of the picture surface.

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