Studio Cybi were invited to broadcast an hour long programme on No Bounds, a DIY and experimental radio station.

Studio Cybi’s, Ar Ben Ein Hunain Gyda’n Gilydd, is an hour long audio poem, blending synth, archival sounds (from The Slatemakers a 1980 Horizon documentary and assorted YouTube recordings taken from old raves) and spoken word into a manifesto-prayer fusion. 

Located on an island off the northern tip of Wales, Studio Cybi seek to redefine art’s purpose, steering away from the conventional contemporary art world. They aspire to transform art into a ritual, activating both matter and landscape, while questioning the corporate and sterile aspects of the mainstream art scene. The project aims to connect individuals, fostering a deeper engagement with art beyond the boundaries of the conventional art world. 

Live on No Bounds radio station, 12th February 2024